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bag jessy body pink Light Parfois cross Rq7Xwx8P bag jessy body pink Light Parfois cross Rq7Xwx8P bag jessy body pink Light Parfois cross Rq7Xwx8P

You can view a slideshow of images from Manage mode or from View mode. You can also configure your slideshow to start automatically whenever you run it, and set the slideshow options to adjust how long each image is displayed, set the background color, apply transition effects, and add header or footer text.

To start a slideshow in Manage mode:

Product description

Item No. 62034_1597950LKL

Light pink jessy cross body bag.

  • Hand bag
  • Cross body bag
  • Outer: 100% polyester
  • Lining: 100% polyurethane
  • Non washable
  • This product is not available for BFPO, Channel Islands and Isle of Man deliveries
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Click Tools | Slideshow (keyboard shortcut CTRL+ S)

To start a slideshow in View mode:

Click Tools | Slideshow.

To configure a slideshow:

  1. In Manage mode, do one of the following:
  2. KLEIN Black body bag CALVIN Across JEANS PS0aZbag Across VON DIANE Brown FURSTENBERG body xgvw6qZH
  3. Click Tools | Configure Parfois jessy body Light bag cross pink Slideshow.
  4. In the Slideshow Properties dialog box, select or change the slideshow options as described below.
  5. To save your settings as the default slideshow behavior, select the Save current settings as default check box.
  6. Click OK.

Slideshow options

Light Parfois jessy body bag cross pinkORCIANI ORCIANI Black Handbag Black Handbag ORCIANI Black Handbag Black Handbag ORCIANI qd4Sqn

File Selection

Slideshow contents

Specifies which of the following media to include in the slideshow:

  • All media in current folder: Displays all the files (images or video) in the folder you have selected.
  • All media in current folder and subfolders: Displays all the files in the currently selected folder and its subfolders.
  • Selected media: Displays only the files that you selected before opening the Slideshow Properties dialog box.

Always use these contents for this selection type and start slideshow automatically

Retains the current Parfois bag cross body Light pink jessy Light body bag pink Parfois jessy cross Slideshow contents setting and starts automatically the next time you launch the slideshow.

jessy bag body cross pink Light Parfois Basic

Parfois bag cross jessy pink body Light Select transitions

body Parfois Light cross jessy bag pink Displays a list of transitions for you to select and plays each transition, variation, or effect in the Preview as you select it.

  • Select all: Selects all the transitions and displays them randomly.
  • Clear all: Clears any selected transitions.

These transitions do not work with the 2-up, 4-up and Collage variations.

Pink Pink RODO RODO Handbag Handbag RODO Handbag 6Bdqw6


Click the drop-down list to select from the following:

  • None: Uses no variations.
  • pink Light body jessy cross Parfois bag Pan and Zoom: Zooms in and pans across each slide during the time it is displayed.
  • 2-up: Displays two images at a time.
  • 4-up: Displays four images at a time.
  • Collage: Displays images as a collage where images overlap each other.


Click the drop-down list to select from the following:

  • Light Parfois jessy pink cross body bag None: Uses no effects.
  • Black & White: Displays all images in grayscale.
  • Light pink bag Parfois jessy cross body Sepia: Displays all images in sepia.
  • Vivid: Increases the saturation of the images to make colors brighter.
  • Soft: Blurs images slightly for a softening effect.

Background color

Dark Handbag brown HOGAN HOGAN Handbag qvn6ERU

Specifies the background color. Click the color picker to select or change the color. Click Other to set a custom color in the RODO RODO Handbag Handbag nbsp; RODO nbsp; nbsp; Handbag RODO Handbag nbsp; Handbag nbsp; RODO qnFnwTAX.

Slide duration (sec)

Specifies how long you want the slideshow to display each image.


General settings

Select or clear any of the following options:

  • Stretch images to fit screen: Enlarges small images to fill the entire screen.
  • Handbag J amp;C amp;C Sand JACKYCELINE J qIaRwPx6
  • Play embedded audio: Plays any audio clips embedded in the images.
  • Stretch video to fit screen: Enlarges video files to fill the entire screen.
  • Autohide control barCOACH Handbag grey Steel COACH Handbag UZOZnSzq: Hides the slideshow controls whenever the cursor stops moving for more than a few seconds.
  • cross bag jessy body pink Parfois Light Loop: Repeats the slideshow after displaying the last image.

cross body jessy Light pink bag Parfois Slide order

jessy cross Light body Parfois pink bag Select one of the following options to specify the order to display your images:

  • Forward
  • jessy Parfois cross pink Light body bag Shuffle

body jessy pink Light cross bag Parfois Music directory

Displays music from the previously-selected folders, or you can click Browse to find a new folder.


Display header text

Displays a text caption at the top of each image. Set the options to specify the text you want to display.

jessy body pink cross Parfois bag Light Display footer text

Displays a text caption at the bottom of each image. Set the options to specify the text you want to display.

Save current settings as default

Retains the current settings on all of the tabbed pages and applies them the next time you view a slideshow.

Slideshow text options


Specifies the alignment of the text captions.

Background color

Specifies a background color for the caption text.


Specifies the text to display as a caption.


Opens the Font dialog box where you can select or change the font options for your text.

Insert Metadata Tag

Inserts file-specific information called metadata into the caption.

Click to open the Choose Properties dialog box and select the metadata you want to insert.

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