Communal Reading of Scripture | Bill Hwang

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+ Welcome to the Communal Reading of Scripture project, Fuller Seminary’s new commitment to gather people from all over the world to hear the Scriptures together. “Whether you’re together with friends or family around the table, whether you’re alone in your room or on a crowded subway,” says Tod Bolsinger, vice president and chief of leadership formation, “know you are part of the church universal listening to God’s Word together.” Partnering with Fuller Trustee Bill Hwang, Fuller’s Leadership Formation division, and Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society), FULLER studio is pleased to offer the following audio series and session plan to help communities hear God’s Word throughout the year.

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In the interview above, Fuller Trustee Bill Hwang tells his story of rediscovering his faith through listening to Scripture and shares what inspired him to start this project. “By gathering together as a community and reading Scripture together, people can go through the whole Bible in well under one year,” he says. “It is my belief that the Communal Reading of Scripture project will help the church relearn how to feast on the Word communally, to be fed and nourished by the God who speaks to his children through the Word.” We invite you to listen to scripture with the sessions below, download the Communal Reading of Scripture One Year Schedule to plan your year, and read more reflections from the Fuller community on scripture.

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