Closure Women's with Black Backpack Buckle Textured HLP #12: Systematically Design Instruction Towards Learning Goals

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  • How the videos are designed:
    • Introduction and definition of each HLP
    • Brief review of the research
    • Women's Textured with Backpack Buckle Closure Black Several brief videos of general education and special education teachers implementing the practice
  • What the videos are:
    • A resource to augment training/professional learning
    • with Textured Women's Black Buckle Closure Backpack A demonstration of HLP practice across degrees of intensity
    • Leather Tote Prada Prada Leather Black Black Black Leather Tote Prada wqZzPS8
    • A portrayal of teachers’ implementation of an HLP
    • A demonstration of practices that can be used with all students, not only those with disabilities
  • Women's Black Textured Buckle with Closure Backpack What the videos are not:
    • A complete resource for training/professional learning
    • Grey Ps1 Satchel Leather Medium Smoke Calfskin Proenza Schouler 5IqwS
    • A demonstration of each tier across various settings
    • A depiction of all features of quality instruction/student engagement
    • Textured Backpack with Women's Buckle Closure Black Promoting the use of practices that would replace the need for intense, data-driven decisions and interventions provided by special educators or other specialists

While permission to use this video is not necessary, the citation should be: Kennedy, M. J., Peeples, K. N., Romig, J. E., Mathews, H. M., Rodgers, W. J.  (2018). High-leverage practice #12: Systematically designed instruction towards learning goals.

Buckle Women's Black Backpack Textured Closure with Textured Closure Black with Buckle Backpack Women's

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Women's with Textured Backpack Buckle Closure Black